Understanding quilting terms can sometimes feel overwhelming, and some quilters even have different definitions for the same services! From Basting and Custom, to Edge to Edge and Pantos, there is much to learn in the art of quilting. To try to simplify the many quilting terms, below please find descriptions of the machine quilting services I provide my customers below.

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A machine stitch (or two) every 4 – 5 inches so that the quilt can then be hand quilted.

Edge to Edge
These designs, sometimes called Pantos or Pantographs, feature a continuous pattern – or freehand design –that is stitched over the entire quilt. This same design is quilted over all elements of the quilt blocks, sashing, and borders. My pricing is based on the level of design detail and the density of the stitching.

This is my favorite area of quilting. Not every quilt falls into this category, especially very busy quilts, some scrap quilts, and quilts intended for heavy use. My definition of custom quilting is where the quilt is not treated as one unit. For example, a custom quilt is when each block has a different design, the sashing has a unique design, and even the borders feature a separate design. Another (uncommon) example is a quilt with one design in the borders and another on the rest of the quilt.

I also include any “stitch in the ditch” (stitching in the seam) in the custom category. Again, my custom quilt pricing is based on the detail of work required.